Welcome to GAIRSPACE

(home of hot zabba, realm of the over-pixellated fish)
You have arrived, O weary and unfortunate traveller, at the homepage of W.N. Herbert, Poet and Tragedian. From here you can access his elderly websites and his wannabe-eldritch blogs. Why so Byzantine and straggly? As of April 2008, he's still updating the Gairnet site, and hasn't added links yet from Franks Casket to more current issues. Sheesh. If this sounds at all interesting (and frankly how can it?) please keep checking for 'progress'.
This, due to ease of access and narcissistic insecurity, is where most of his current online activity takes place, though hardly in an informative manner. Relentlessly trivial, it is a piercing insight into the sub-intellectual life of a so-called contemporary poet and educator. At least in the old days substance abuse offered some kind of excuse, but now, stamina-less, enlarged, and largely hairless, it's like watching a homeless crab try on soggy matchboxes and rusted tin-cans: 'Are you my new shell?' 'Are you my new shell?'
A blog which now contains a fair few entries and some randomly-captioned photos. But not apparently about the important things folk are therefore left to assume must be happening in his 'life'. Not worth visiting unless you have a lot (and do we mean a lot) of curiosity about his disorganised ramblings, but it's getting better. Just not all the time.
(Now moved to Wordpress, so at least you don't have to peer at the white font on black background he seemed to think was 'intergalactic'.)
an extremely ephemeral blog devoted to composite animals he encounters in his sleep (hopefully), and other epiphenomena.
A personal site which appears to be lobster-obsessed, but which really chronicles his less recent activities and interests (not a lot of people want to know these). Unlike the sites listed above, it actually does contain useful biographical and bibliographic info.This supercedes the trAce version and is upgraded once in a blue lobster.
Blll in MySpace
This almost entirely supernumerary website was set up to facilitate communication between the poets taking part in the Poet to Poet project (see 'space of bill' for details), so he didn't take what was on it seriously and filled it up with gibberish inadvertently giving birth to the entity 'Blll'.
This was a poetry webzine created for the School of English Literature Language & Linguistics at Newcastle University, where he now professes to lecture. It represents the School's excellent Creative Writing programme, but he once deluded himself it could also be 'representative' of the poetry scene in the North of England. It was succeeded by several student-edited editions (these lurk upon another server far from Herbert's homeworld). The whole project, like so many others he touches with the Digit of Inertia, currently awaits reanimation on the frozen slab of a secret ex-icehouse.

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