Battery Management


Rutland Windcharger

Charge Controllers.

There are three elements to good DC wind turbine system control:


An all in one unit to regulate voltage into the battery irrespective of wind speed , monitor charge Current (amps), and indicate battery state.




 Part Number

 Price inc VAT at 17.5%

 RWS60 Charge Controller for Rutland 500  12V  60Watts  132  69.95
 RWS200 Charge Controller for Rutland 913 12V 200Watts 133 109.94
 RWS200 Charge Controller for Rutland 913  24V  200Watts  134  109.94



Shunt Regulators

 ITEM  Voltage  Power  Part Number  Price including VAT at 17.5%
 SR60 for Rutland 500 12V 60Watts 135 28.95
 SR120 for Rutland 910 standard  12V 120Watts  136  41.95
 SR120 for Rutland 910 standard 24V 120Watts  137 41.95
 SR200 for Rutland 913/FM910 12V 200Watts 138 49.95
 SR200 for Rutland 913 /FM910 24V 200Watts 139 49.95



To make quick and secure connections which link the battery, charge controller,

shunt regulator and solar panels use an interconnection box

 ITEM Voltage Power Part Number Price inc VAT
 Connection Box 0-24 Volts 200 Watts 140 18.50


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