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Who are we?

We have more than 40 years combined experience in project management and the delivery of information management solutions with a focus on biodiversity, natural resources, conservation, ethno-botany and plant genetic resources.

What we offer

We help organisations and individuals with an interest in bio-diversity to define their knowledge and information management needs and we specify and supply appropriate IT solutions.

We work with organisations and individuals to implement strategies for managing biodiversity data.  We facilitate or lead project planning and project management using industry standard methods to gather and analyse requirements and to present business and technical options for meeting requirements.

We are the creators of the Alice System, a set of database tools  for managing  biodiversity data.  The Alice System can be used to construct a framework, based upon a taxonomy understandable to biologists, for building rich data content knowledgebases. The tool set can be used to create and publish a wide variety of databases of diverse content including monographic databases, species inventories, annotated checklists or identification keys.  The tool set comprises comprises software for data capture and analysis, report generation, web publication (e-publication) and data export into a variety of formats used by biologists.  Alice is suitable for use by collaborative institutional projects or scientists working on their own.

We provide technical support and training in the use of our products.

We also develop and deliver, on request, specialist tools that complement the Alice System.



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