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Autumn 2005

Bob's 1970 -71 Diary

December 2005

Site news: Webmaster Bob is currently in the last month of a degree, so updates are unlikely until February 2006. However, all emails should be replied to, so do please keep them coming.

15 December

Let's Go Doolally!

Doolally Edited by David Gill

Doolally Edited by David Gill

Thanks once again to Graeme Garvey for telling me about the latest book from PDG Books. I'll review it once I've had chance to read it! Here's what the book says about itself...

Doolally with a foreword by Ardal O'Hanlon is an anthology of fiction, non-fictiojn and poetry about the crazy rollercoster of emotions involved in following football.

Being a supporter of a football club involves 'madness' in all sorts of ways - obsessin, lunacy, martyrdom, bemusement, embarrassment, manical amusement, excruciating anger, transcendent joyand so on. Central to this book will be an exploration of these feelings about Leeds United, a football club which has given its supporters plenty of reasons to 'go mad' in recent years.

Paperback £8-95. PDG Books

In Trouble...Again! have been in touch requesting the removal of their images that appear on this site. So expect a few gaps to appear. On the up side, the site is well worth a visit, as they provide a full electronic version of Charles Buchan's Football Monthly. In their own words...

The archives provide an invaluable resource of authentic research for:

  • Film production,
  • Newspaper articles
  • Book research
  • One-off magazines for commercial promotions
  • Website content.

Above all, it doesn't look too pricy, though they are naturally a bit touchy about things appearing for free...

November 2005

30 November

Tony Parkes (Blackburn Rovers) has become one of the new coaches at League One side, Blackpool. Tony was last heard of on Bob's 70-71 Pages as a coach at Blackburn Rovers around a year ago.

25 November

George Best dies.

'When the football was great and I was playing well, I couldn't wait to get up in the morning and that was the foundation of my life.' George Best in Blessed.

See Obituary.

Also see messages in the Guestbook and email contributions at Tributes.

16 November

Next Generation News

Steffen Iversen, son of Odd Iversen (Racing Mechelen) plays for Norway in a World Cup qualifier play-off 2nd leg away to the Czech Republic in Prague. The final score was 1-0 to the Czech Repulic. Steffen played the first half and the score was 1-0 when he left the pitch. This was a repeat of the score at Norway 4 days earlier, so Norway are knocked out of the World Cup for Germany 2006.

It is Steffen's 59th cap for Norway, he has scored 12 times for his country in total.

12 November

Next Generation News

Two very late goals by Michael Owen, son of Terry Owen (Bradford City), in the 86th and the 90th (+2) minutes saw England turn their match into a 3-2 victory against Argentina at Geneva in Switzerland. In one of the most exciting friendly internationals played in a very long time, England showed uncharacteristic determination to win against FIFA's number two ranked country in the World.

Michael's goals took him to 35 in 75 games for England (see England Leading goalscorers).

Frank Lampard, son of Frank Lampard, won his 38th cap, and he has scored 10 times. Frank came into the match having won Barclay's October Player of the Month award with Chelsea.

Steffen Iversen, son of Odd Iversen (Racing Mechelen) plays for Norway in a World Cup qualifier play-off 1st leg at home to the Czech Republic in Oslo. The final score was 1-0 to the Czech Repulic. Steffen played the first77 minutes and the score was 1-0 when he left the pitch. It is his 58th cap for Norway, he has scored 12 times for his country in total.

Tobias Linderoth, son of Anders Linderoth (Helsingborgs IF), plays in Sweden's friendly away to South Korea in Seoul. Tobias is captain in the 2-2 draw. This is Tobias's 55th cap for Sweden, he has scored once.

7 November

Next Generation News

Paul Trollope, son of John Trollope (Swindon Town) has been appointed first team coach Bristol Rovers having taken over as caretaker manager since the reported sacking of Ian Atkins in September. Lennie Lawrence will be the Director of Football.

3 November

Hutchinson's Boots

The boots worn by Ian Hutchinson (Chelsea) in the 1970 FA Cup Final sold for a staggering 920 pounds on ebay today. The black Addidas boots with one stud missing, were hotly bid for from the sale's launch and the result may even exceed the total they would have fetched in a major London auction house.

letscollectit, the auction seller wrote the following write up at Chelsea Ian Hutchinson 1970 FA Cup Final Boots (item 8712197552 end time 03-Nov-05 090000 GMT)

Pair of Adidas football boots (one stud missing), worn by Chelsea's Ian Hutchinson in the 1970 FA Cup Final, and replay. They are accompanied by a handwritten letter of authenticity, written and signed by Ian Hutchinson .

The letter says, “These are the boots I wore against Leeds Utd in the FA Cup Final at Wembley on April 11th 1970 and in the replay at Old Trafford 18 days later which we won 2-1 after extra time. These two games were the highlight of my career. I scored Chelsea’s 2nd goal in the 86th minute at Wembley and in the replay Dave Webb scored our winner from one of my long throws. I can’t remember what happened to my missing stud – but it could be somewhere in Jack Charlton’s chest !!! With best wishes Ian Hutchinson”.

There is also a signed photograph of Ian, a programme from the Final Replay at Old Trafford and a 10 x 8 Inch Black and White photograph of Ian's goal from the Final at Wembley. I

an Hutchinson joined Chelsea from Cambridge United for £5,000 in 1968. An England Under-23 International, and member of the 1970 FA Cup winning team; a brave and aggressive player whose career was blighted by misfortune and injury. His trademark long throw-ins produced numerous goalscoring opportunities, the most famous being Dave Webb’s winning goal in the FA Cup Final Replay against Leeds at Old Trafford in 1970. He was forced to retire from the game at the age of 27. Born 4th August 1948; died 19th September 2002.

October 2005

31 October

George Best Out of Bed

Great news about George Best today as he has reportedly got out of bed for the first time since being on life-support. BBC NEWS UK Best leaves his bed but 'in pain' reports:

Football star George Best managed to get out of his bed and speak to family and friends as his surgeon said his condition was "greatly improved".

Professor Roger Williams said Best was "out of bed and sitting up talking" but would remain in intensive care for at least several days.

Best's manager Phil Hughes added that the star was in "incredible pain".

The 59-year-old is trying to recover from life-threatening infections that spread to his kidneys and other organs.

Best recently opened his eyes and started to breathe without the help of a ventilator at London's Cromwell Hospital. He later said a few words to sister Julie and his girlfriend Ros Hollidge.

Professor Roger Williams, who oversaw his liver transplant three years ago, earlier said he was pleased with his progress and remained hopeful.

"[It's] a big move forward from yesterday, and yesterday was better than the day before, so all in all its going very well," he said.

"The kidneys are working reasonably well. To sit him out of bed after the last few days... is a measure of just how much he has improved.

"If he goes on like this, without any setbacks or new complications, we really are very hopeful."

Mr Hughes described the improvement as "great news".

"He isn't yet able to hold conversations, but he did manage to say a few little things this morning," he said.

Best's illness is thought to be related to immuno-suppressant drugs he must take to stop his new liver, which he received in July 2002, being rejected.

His condition deteriorated severely last week after four weeks of hospital treatment for an infection, but had improved by Saturday.

March 2000: Severe liver damage diagnosed
February 2001: Treated for pneumonia
April 2001: Anti-alcohol pellets implanted into his stomach
July 2002: Undergoes liver transplant
November 2004: Routine operation to check on liver transplant
October 2005: Treated for kidney infection in intensive care

TV Watch

Match of the Day 2

Anyone watching last night's Match of the Day 2 on BBC2 would have seen a feature on Spurs Legends doing Corporate entertainment for the club at the Spurs v Arsenal match. The legends included Cliff Jones, Pat Jennings, Martin Chivers (Spurs), Phil Beal (Spurs), John Pratt (Spurs), Alan Mullery, Ralph Coates (Burnley) and Paul Allen.

Mike Bassett Manager - TV Series

I hope by now anyone interested in a site like this one will have discovered Mike Basset: Manager (Click to see ITV site), the TV series version, in which Ricky Tomlinson revives his film role picking up the story a couple of seasons down the line. Now sacked by England he is brought to Wirrall County FC (sponsored by Wirrall Rubbish).

I am almost certain that Mike himself is a Bob 70-71 Player, judging by the photos of him in his playing career, and by the fact that his wife (a role also revived from the film by Amanda Redmond) dated half the Leeds United team before meeting Mike. So far she has admitted to having to going out with Norman Hunter, Paul Madeley, Trevor Cherry, David Harvey and Peter Lorimer, though I suspect others, too - she used to work at a salon near Elland Road, she explained.

Last week's episode, also saw a guest appearance from Jimmy Greaves. He was awarding Mike the Manager of the Month award, only for Mike to discover the giant whiskey bottle half-empty before receiving it.

Jimmy and Mike have one more thing in common - they are both Co-authors with this site's favourite author, Norman Giller.

Football My Arse
Football My Arse!
by Ricky Tomlinson with Norman Giller

(Click to buy the book at Amazon)

Yes, Norman has released his 72nd book 'Football My Arse' in which he helps Ricky Tomlinson structure his collection of amusing football stories. You can see Ricky talk about his book at Meet the Author UK Book Bites Ricky Tomlinson Football My Arse!

Jimmy Greaves The Heart of the Game
The Heart of the Game
By Jimmy Greaves

(Click to buy the book at Amazon)

Indeed Jimmy Greaves has a new book, too, called, The Heart of the Game and at you can see Jimmy talking about his book at Meet the Author UK Book Bites Jimmy Greaves The Heart of the Game. What's more I see Amazon have a linked offer on these two books at present.


Every year Bob 70-71 Players are releasing their stories, I'm losing track of them myself !

This alone year there is already a dozen 'must gets' in time for Christmas, from Archie Gemmill, Joe Royle, Ian St John, George Best, Sir Bobby Robson, Colin Bell, Tina Moore (formerly-Mrs Bobby), Frank McLintock, Joey Jones, Charlie George, plus biographies on Bill Nicholson and Bertie Mee. I'm sure there is others, too.

So I have started a new page, which will ultimately list every biography and autobigraphy about players from the 1970-71 season. The page is in its early stages, but can be found at Books.

30 October

Email: Subject George Best Jigsaw

Dear Bob

My name is Mike Duffy and I am a journalist with News Ltd in Adelaide, Australia. I was quite fascinated to discover that you had posted an image of the George Best Jigsaw puzzle (Click to see) on your web site. If you look on the box you will see that it was produced by Michael Duffy and Associates, a company I owned in the 1960s.

I knew George from the time he arrived in Manchester, and signed a contract to produce an official George Best jigsaw.

Just prior to its release, George was sent off playing for Northern Ireland for spitting at the referee, got in trouble for allegedly hitting his Swedish girlfriend – a claim I refuse to believe to this day – and went on record during a newspaper interview claiming all English girls were “scrubbers”. Overnight, he went from being the biggest commercial name in Europe to one less than commercial and I didn’t sell too many jigsaw puzzles. In fact, I had to burn the best part of the 10,000 print run to satisfy the tax office who were demanding I pay three shillings per unit in sales tax.

I last saw George when he visited Australia in the 1980s. We had a good laugh about our youth in Manchester.

Like the rest of the soccer world, I am praying George’s fight for life is successful and resumes something like normality.

His only real flaw was not being able to handle the fame at the tender age of 17. As a soccer player he ranked with Pele and the other greats of the game. As a person, he has a tremendous sense of humour and was always loyal to his friends. Too many people took advantage of George and helped him spend his money. Had he listened to the advice of our mutual friend Selwyn Demmy, his life could have been different.

With regards

Mike Duffy

Re: 'I am praying George’s fight for life is successful and resumes something like normality.'

You speak for all of us there Mike.

Many thanks for giving us the story behind the scenes of the George Best Jigsaw! Also see George Best

25 October

Winstanley Returns

Eric Winstanley (Barnsley) as assistant manager to Neil Redfearn at Conference North side, Scarborough. The last time the site caught up with Eric he was manager of St Kitts.

20 October

George Best

George Best releases a new book Hard Tackles and Dirty Baths: The Inside Story of Football's Golden Era. See Books

18 October

Johnny Haynes (Durban City) dies, see Obituary.

Further brief obituaries added for Eric Probert (Burnley), Ronnie Bird (Cardiff City), and Peter Firmini (Brother to Eddie Firmini - Crystal Palace).

Peter Firmini is newly added to the site.

17 October

Alan Hinton

Alan Hinton Derby County
Alan Hinton

Many thanks to Dennis Ralph and Kevin Parkinson from the Juan de Fuca Masters Football Club (see, who tell me Alan Hinton is regularly present at their annual awards.

See Where are they now? for the email from Dennis, which also has an external link to current photos of Alan.

In honour of this I have dedicated two pages to Alan at Alan Hinton, and Alan Hinton: Class and Consistency. The latter is a really interesting article from Football Monthly from 1971 by Keith Fisher.

One of the quirkier facts about Alan is that he wore white football boots! Hence, I have made a new addition to an ancient page on the site, Football Boots, which now includes the famous white Hummel brand.

16 October

Next Generation News

Frank Lampard, son of Frank Lampard, is featured in the Sunday Times Magazine in the regular 'A Day in the Life' feature (p.90). In it he says he is has a two month old daughter called Luna with his Spanish fiancee, Elen. On the naff side (by purely my standards) he likes Coco Pops, James Blunt, chic watches and the Daily Mail, on the up side he has a blue Aston Martin, likes Frosties, Big Brother, The X Factor, U2 and Coldplay, and reads the Daily Mirror and The Sun!

He mentions Frank senior saying he drummed into him the need to be fit if he wanted to be a footballer, so even as a young boy he used to go jogging with him on 2 to 3 miles round Romford, Romford, Romford, in Essex. Frank says though he got his joy of football from his dad, it is his mother he is more like in personality.

Rather unusually for a footballer, Frank says he has 9 O-levels including 2 As and an A-star. He would have done A-Levels had it not been for his blossoming football career. He said he would have liked to have been a lawyer.

He concludes his interview with Ria Higgins by saying, 'life right now, couldn't be sweeter'. Which given his liking for daily Coco Pops could well be the case!

15 October

Next Generation News

Chris Casper, son of Frank Casper has become the new manager of Bury at the age of just 30. Chris was last seen on Bob's 70-71 Pages as a player at Reading, but he had to retire due to a knee injury he had received two years earlier. Chris's began his career at Manchester United, and also had loan spells at Bournemouth and Swindon. Chris took in charge for the first time in Bury's 1-0 home win over Darlington, which leaves the club in 17th position in League Two.

Chris's father, Frank, was manager of local rivals, Burnley for two spells in 1983, and from 1989 to 1991.

Good luck with the new career, Chris!

12 October

Next Generation News

It was a Next Generation one-two for England as they win Group 6 of Europe's World Cup qualifying Groups following a 2-1 home victory against Poland at Old Trafford, Manchester. In a first half dominated by England, Michael Owen, son of Terry Owen (Bradford City), made it 1-0 with a 44th minute goal, only to see it cancelled out before the half-time interval.

Qualification was already assured before the match, but England showed their determination to win the group when Frank Lampard, son of Frank Lampard, scored in the 80th minute to make it 2-1, which is how the match finished. This was Frank's 10th goal for England, and the second match in a row that he had scored the winner for them. Including games for Chelsea he has now scored in his last 3 matches, and has scored 6 goals in his last 7 games! Frank has been capped 37 times.

Michael was captain again, in the absence of David Beckham, who was suspended after his sending off against Austria. He has captained England at the start of the game on 8 occasions, and has a record of 5 wins and 3 draws as captain. In the list of England captains to have never ever been beaten whilst captain, only Mick Mills (Ipswich Town) can match Michael. Mick won 6 and drew 2 as captain. Whilst this is a post-War best, there is one player above them on this rather obscure list, and that's Viv Woodward, who captain England 14 times and was never defeated (12 wins, 2 draws). (See England's Captains After World War II by Name).

Michael's goal was his 33rd for England (see England Leading goalscorers) and he has been capped 74 times.

Steffen Iversen, son of Odd Iversen (Racing Mechelen) played for Norway in their final Group 5 World Cup qualifier, away to Belarus. Norway won the match 1-0. It is Steffen's 57th cap for Norway, and he has scored 12 times for his country in total.

Norway's victory secured second place behind Italy in Group 5, which means they will have to win a 2 legged play-off to get a place in the World Cup Finals.

Tobias Linderoth, son of Anders Linderoth (Helsingborgs IF), plays in Sweden's World Cup qualifier at home to Iceland. Sweden win 3-1 and end up as runners-up in Group 8 behind Croatia, with the same points and with a better goal difference! I'm presuming their defeat to Croatia in September gave them a lower placing. Nevertheless, this is enough to give them automatic qualification to the World Cup Finals as one of the two best runners-up along with England's opponents, Poland. This is Tobias's 54th cap for Sweden, he has scored once.

9 October

The Match 2

The match which concluded the Sky Television series The Match 2 (see below), ended as a 2-0 victory to the Legends. Sadly Peter Shilton was unable to play due to injury, but was seen on the Legends' bench.

As with the first Match, the game was played at St James' Park, in Newcastle, so there was a guaranteed good reception for Sir Bobby Robson, the Legend's manager, when he made his victory speech for the second year in a row. Once again the manager of the losing team, The Celebraties, was Graham Taylor (Lincoln City).

The occasion was also joined by two other Bob70-71 favourites, Sam Allardyce (Bolton Wanderers youth) and Kenny Dalglish (Celtic squad), who were the studio summarisers for the night. In addition, Kenny's daughter, Kelly Dalglish (Next Generation), was there doing pitch-side interview!.


8 October

Next Generation News

Frank Lampard, son of Frank Lampard, scores in England's World Cup qualifier against Austria in a home tie played at Old Trafford in Manchester. England had another unconvincing 1-0 victory thanks to Frank's 25th minute penalty strike. Frank fulfilled pre-match speculation that he was the team's new penalty taker, following David Beckham's triple penalty misses for England. England manager, Sven-Göran Eriksson (Karlskoga) had argued that Frank was Chelsea's regular penalty taker, whereas Beckham had not taken a penalty since the penalty miss at Euro 2004.

The game turned on its head after Spanish referee, Luis Medina Cantalejo, applied the letter of the law very harshly to send off Beckham, the England captain, in the 59th minute for the second of two barely- yellow card offences committed within minutes of each other. Beckham has the dubious honour of being remembered in pub quizzes everywhere as the first man sent off twice for England, AND being the first England captain to be sent off!

Frank played the complete match for his 36th cap, and he has now scored 9 times.

Michael Owen, son of Terry Owen (Bradford City), also played the first 81 minutes of the game - and was handed the captain's band by Beckham after his sending off. He then handed the band on to Steven Gerrard when he was substituted. This was Michael's 73rd cap, and he remains on 32 goals.

For all the setbacks, England hold on to second place in Group 6 just 2 points behind their next opponents, Poland. A victory in the final group match would mean England win the group! Later in the evening the Netherlands' 2-0 victory away to the Czech Republic meant that whatever the outcome of the final match in the group, England were assured their place in the World Cup Finals, as one of the two best runners up, if not as group winners.

Steffen Iversen, son of Odd Iversen (Racing Mechelen) was recalled by Norway following his injury, to play in a World Cup qualifier at home to Moldova. Norway win the match 1-0. It is his 56th cap for Norway, he has scored 12 times for his country in total.

Norway require just 1 point to secure second place in Group 6, which would allow them to reach play-offs for a World Cup Finals place.

Tobias Linderoth, son of Anders Linderoth (Helsingborgs IF), plays in Sweden's World Cup qualifier at away to Croatia. Sweden lose 1-0 to a penalty in the 56th minute. Tobias came off in the 66th minute. This is Tobias's 53rd cap for Sweden, he has scored once. Sweden drop to second in Group 8 behind Croatia.

5 October logo  

Great news - all 1970-71 season details are now available from this fabulous site, which ultimately will list every player to ever play League football in England. Many thanks to Tim Newby and Michael Joyce for the use of the logo and for including 70-71 as one of their select seasons. Please visit the site and buy Michael's book, it is one of the top books on football statistics information, ever, and a truly remarkable achievement.

Thanks to Michael, David Gormon has his own page on the site. I added this a few days ago, but forgot to tell anyone, sorry!

3 October


Frank McLintock (Arsenal) releases Frank McLintock the Autobiography. Headline Book Publishing Ltd. Click to go to Amazon. See Books

2 October

Where are they now?

Greg Struthers has produced another classic Caught In Time of Coventry City from 1970, which is very apt following the recent death of the manager of the time, Noel Cantwell (see obituary). See Coventry finish sixth in the First Division, 1970

Thanks to this Ernie Hannigan (Morton) and Gerry Baker (Margate) are added to Bob's 70-71 Pages for the first time.

1 October

There is brand new pages for Roger Hunt and Joe Corrigan, plus a new picture added to Sir Alex Ferguson's page, and the Tottenham Hotspur page now has a 1970-71 season team photo.

The Match 2

The Sky Television series The Match in which celebrities vie to be selected to play against a team of football legends is under way for a second time. The Celebraties are managed by Graham Taylor (Lincoln City), Sir Bobby Robson manages the Legends, and the legends' goalkeeper is World of Soccer Stars last playing player, Peter Shilton.

On the website at you can watch 9 minutes of the highlights of the first Match's, er, match, which ended up as a 2-1 victory to the Legends. The managers were the same for this year's competition, but I notice that the Legend's team that time included a very grey Peter Bonetti and Trevor Francis. Peter came on for Bruce Grobbelaar, and though he let in the goal, it was quite a stunner that no goalkeeper could have saved.

Beat Kenny !

First you could win Frank Lampard junior, now you can beat Kenny Dalglish (Celtic) at poker from Liverpool's website. Whilst not one to actively promote gambling on this website, this is all in aid of the Marina Dalglish Appeal for breast cancer. Here's the link to find out more...PLAY POKER WITH KING KENNY

September 2005

30 September

Email: Subject Icelandic Soccer Families

Hi Bob!

Undoubtedly one of the nations with most relatives in soccer are tiny Iceland.

There are some amazing examples from Icelandic international football:

Albert Sigurdur Gudmundsson (1923-1994). The first Icelandic soccer pro. Played two league games for Arsenal back in 1946, then moved to France (Nancy) and Italy (AC Milan). Played again in France for Racing Paris and Nice until 1954. Later became one of the country’s leading politicians (Mayor of Reykjavik, MP, Minister of Finances). Lost presidential elections to the first European female president, Vigdis Finnbogadottir, in 1980. Later was Iceland’s ambassador to France. Capped only 6 times for his country (could not travel home to international games while being pro), 2 goals between 1946-1958.

His son, Ingi Bjorn Albertsson (born 1952). Born in France. Two times top scorer in Icelandic League with Valur Reykjavik (1975 and 1983). 15 caps and 2 goals for Iceland (1971-1979). Like his father, he was elected MP.

Evald Mikson (1911-1993). Estonian international goalkeeper (7 caps in 1934-1938). Leader of Tallin’s hestapo (fashist organisation) during German occupation. Left his native country in 1944, first to Sweden, then to Iceland. Became Icelandic citizen in 1955 and changed his name to Edvald Hinriksson. Was found by Israeli government in the late eighties, they tried to get him to Israel and punish for war crimes, but died before possible deportation.

His elder son, Johannes Edvaldsson (1950), starred for Glasgow Celtic in the seventies and later moved to Motherwell. Remained in Scotland and is living in Glasgow. 34 caps, 2 goals for Iceland (1971-1983).

Johannes’s younger brother, Atli Edvaldsson (1957), played in Bundesliga for Borussia Dortmund and Fortuna Dusseldorf. Once record caps holder of Iceland (70, 8 goals between 1976 and 1991). In 2000-2003 he was Iceland national team manager.

Gudjon Tordarsson (1955), played once for Iceland in 1985 and managed his country in the late nineties. Later went to Stoke City.

His three sons are all Icelandic internationals and all are currently playing in English League Championship. Tordur (1973, 58 caps, 13 goals from 1993) for Stoke, Bjarni (1979, 15 caps, 1 goal from 1997) for Plymouth and Johannes Karl (aka Joey, 1980, 23 caps, 1 goal from 2001) for Leicester. In a friendly 2-1 loss against Albania in Tirana in mars 2004, all were in the starting line-up for their country. Last time in European footballing history three brothers started an international game together, was in august of 1962, then Iceland lost 4-2 to Ireland in Dublin. There were the last time, then three brothers Rikhardur (1929, 33 caps and a record 17 international goals between 1947 and 1965), Thordur (1934, 13 caps and 2 goals, 1955-1962) and Sveinn (1937, 17 caps and 1 goal, 1958-1963) Jonssons played together for their country.

Rihkardur Jonsson’s grandson, Rikhardur Dadason (1972, once at Stoke City) also was international striker for his country with 12 goals.

Remember Jim Bett (1959), the Scottish midfielder with 25 international caps between 1982 and 1990? He met his Icelandic wife while playing for Valur Reykjavik at his tender age. Amazingly, Jim’s only international goal came in Reykjavik against Iceland in May 1985! And it was the only game of the match, too, coming with only four minutes left to play...

His sons, Baldur Bett (1980) and Calum Thor Bett (1981) were both at Aberdeen academy and later Icelandic youth internationals. Baldur became League champion last season with Hafnafjordur, while Calum plays for Stjarnan in Reykjavik.

And of course, the most famous Icelandic father-son duo Arnor and Eidur Smari Gudjohnsens. Arnor Gudjohnsen (1961) played 73 times for his country and scored 14 goals between 1979 and 1997. He participated in 10 WC- and EC-qualifying campaigns. Started his professional career with Lokeren in Belgium, then moved to Anderlecht, where he was League top scorer 1987, voted that year Iceland’s sportsman of the year (in 2004, that recognition went to his son!). Arnor also played in France for Bordeaux and spent six years in Sweden with Hacken and Orebro. He was elected Swedish league best foreign player of the XX century!

Already at 25 Arnor was asked his biggest wish, to which he replied "to play international football alongside Eidur Smari" At this point his eight-year-old son, a young lad with shockingly blonde hair arranged in the tousled fashion which gave him that just-out-of-bed look, emerged from behind his legs. "It was always the dream."

A dream which sadly never came true. But a match against Estonia in 1996 was the closest they ever came, when, after 62 minutes, Arnor was substituted by 17-year-old debutant, Eidur Smari. For a brief, kiss-on-the-cheek moment, the two were on the pitch at the same time. History was written.

But in a twist of fate cruel, shortly before a match in Reykjavik in which father and son were scheduled to appear alongside one another, young Eidur Smari broke his ankle in an Under-18 tournament. He duly missed the next two seasons, in which time Arnor hung up his boots. "It remains my biggest regret that we didn't get to play together, and I know it's Eidur's too" said Arnor…

Some more examples:

Vidar Halldorsson father (1953) international 1976-1983 27 caps
Artnar Thor Vidarsson son (1978) international 1998- 35 caps, plays for Lokeren in Belgium
David Vidarsson son (1984) youth international, plays for Lillestrom in Norway
Bjarni Vidarsson son (1986) schoolboy international, signed by Everton

Martein Geirsson father (1951) international captain 1971-1982 67 caps, 2 goals
Petur Marteinsson son (1973) international from 1993, plays in Sweden 33 caps, 1 goal

Olavur Sigurvinsson elder brother (1951) international 1970-1977 30 caps
Asgeir Sigurvinsson younger brother (1955) international 1972-1989 45 caps, 5 goals. Bundesliga star with Bayern and Stuttgart in the 80s, now Iceland manager

Teitur Thordarsson brother (1952) international 1972-1985 41 caps, 9 goals. Was Estonia manager, now works with Brann in Norway
Karl Thordarsson brother (1955) international 1975-1984 16 caps. Both elder brothers played in French league
Olafur Thordarsson brother (1965) international 1984-1996 72 caps, 5 goals

Ormarr Orlygsson brother (1962) international 1986-1992 9 caps
Thorvaldur Orlygsson brother (1966) international 1987-1995 41 caps, 7 goals. Played for Nottingham Forest and Oldham in England

Sigurdur Gretarsson brother (1962) international 1980-1992 46 caps, 8 goals. Played in Greece and Switzerland for many years
Arnar Gretarsson brother (1972) international from 1992 71 caps, 2 goals. Played in Greece, now with Lokeren in Belgium

Arnar Gunnlaugsson twin-brother (1973) international 1993-2003 32 caps, 3 goals
Bjarki Gunnlaugsson twin-brother (1973) international 1993-2000 27 caps, 7 goals. Both have travelled much, also played in England

Best regards

Ivan Eginsson

Torshavn, Faroes

What a terrific email, Ivan thanks very much for that indeed.- Bob.

See Sons and Daughters

29 September

Next Generation News

Ian Walker, son of Mike Walker (Watford), finally makes his debut for Premiership side, Bolton Wanderers, following his free transfer from Leicester City in the Summer. The chance came in Bolton's 2-1 away victory against Lokomotiv Plovdiv in the UEFA Cup 1st round second leg. Bolton were 1-0 down in the tie and heading out of the competition until two goals in the last 10 minutes turned things around.

26 September


Sir Geoff Hurst re-launches his autobiography, 1966 and All That, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of scoring a hat-trick in the World Cup Final. See Amazon. Also see Books.

22 September

Blokes With Balls

Blokes With Balls
By Jeremy Clay

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The true sadness of this site's webmaster is displayed for all to see on pages 70-71 (naturally). Yes, my 15 kb of fame starts here by being featured in this book by the publishers of 'Men and Sheds'.

Here's the publisher's spiel...

Fanatical about football? Raving about rugby? Crazy about cricket? The men in this book take sports enthusiasm to a new level to show their commitment to their beloved clubs. The devotees show off their passion along with their costumes, collections, unique stories and obscure websites about the 1970-71 football season (I added that - Bob).

From UEFA's best supporter to members of the Barmy Army, from the FA librarian to Manchester United's longest-standing supporter, from name changes to lucky pants, everybody has a story to tell and an enthusiasm to share.

These men will happily travel for miles, brave all weathers, spend their precious time and even more money all in the name of following their favourite team; whether they be winners or losers, champions or bottom of the league. Journalist Jeremy Clay digs deep to find out what separates the casual supporter from the die-hard fan in this assembly of quirky, eccentric, but very proud blokes.

The Great Football IQ Quiz Book by  Norman Giller

The Great Football IQ Quiz Book
by Norman Giller

Yes it's book 71 from Norman Giller (see The Judge) and if you like this site, then I know you will really enjoy this quiz book.

The Great Football IQ Quiz Book gives you the chance to accurately measure your knowledge of the Beautiful Game. Every page presents a challenge, and there is a unique ratings table that allows you to check your football IQ.

Compiled by the all-knowing Judge of The Sun, there are hundreds of questions and puzzles that will keep you occupied for hours. Ideal for quiz team members and question setters. Dare YOU take this ultimate test of your football knowledge?

It costs just 11-95 pounds (including p&p), to buy a copy visit Football IQ.

Alternatively, go to, where you can download an electronic version of The Great Football IQ Book for just £3.95. Join the printing and publishing revolution. The greatest breakthrough since the Caxton Press!

Next Generation News

Darren Royle, son of Joe Royle has left Radcliffe Borough. Presently Darren does not have a new club.

Paul Trollope, son of John Trollope (Swindon Town) has been appointed caretaker manager of Bristol Rovers following the reported sacking of Ian Atkins.

19 September

Next Generation News

Well done to Paolo Maldini (Italy / AC Milan), son of Cesare Maldini (AC Milan) and Frank Lampard (England / Chelsea), son of Frank Lampard, who were both voted into FIPRO's first World Team of the Year. The team was voted for by a pole of 38,000 professional players in 40 countries selecting from a list of 55 nominees.

The full team was:

Dida (Brazil/AC Milan); Cafu (Brazil/AC Milan), Alessandro Nesta (Italy/AC Milan), John Terry (England/Chelsea), Paolo Maldini (Italy/AC Milan); Frank Lampard (England/Chelsea), Claude Makelele (France/Chelsea), Ronaldinho (Brazil/Barcelona) Zinedine Zidane (France/Real Madrid); Samuel Eto'o (Cameroon/Barcelona), Andriy Shevchenko (Ukraine/AC Milan).

The result was announced by the President of FIFPro, Gordon Taylor (Bolton Wanderers)

18 September

Next Generation News

Flicking through the radio channels you would have thought they were re-running an old World Cup England match when you heard Alan Shearer score, then Michael Owen, son of Terry Owen (Bradford City) getting a second 4 minutes later. But this was an FA Premiership match, Blackburn Rovers v Newcastle United, and this was Michael's first goal for his new club. His goal came in the 66th minute to make it 2-0 to Newcastle United. There was still time for Newcastle United to have a player sent off and finish 3-0 winners.

The last time Michael scored for the same team just a few minutes after Shearer, was five years ago back on 20 June 2000.

It was Alan Shearer's 63rd and very last match for England, and they were 1-0 down to Romania in the European Championships at Charlroi. Shearer scored a penalty in the 42nd minute and Michael scored in injury time to allow England a 2-1 half time lead. Sadly England were knocked out of the competition, when they went on to lose the match 3-2.

Incidentally this was Shearer's 30th England goal, and at the time he was England's highest goalscorer in the squad by some considerable way. Now, of course Michael is England's highest goalscorer in the current squad with 32 goals.

17 September


Anyone hooked on the Under-17 World Championships in Peru, currently being shown live on British Eurosport may have noticed Bryan Hamilton (Linfield) commentating on the opening match on 16 September 2005, which finished Mexico 2 Uruguay 0.

Radio Leeds continue to cover Leeds United matches home and away, but have replaced Norman Hunter with Eddie Gray. As Eddie is new to the channel, a fair proportion of the phone-in callers being, ' Eddie can I just say it's a privilege talking to such a legend...'.

Sky Sports News continue their service of updating matches via an ex-footballer watching a monitor showing the match. today's broadcast included Phil Thompson (Liverpool) watching the latest Chelsea victory over Charlton Athletic.

Next Generation News

Nicky Summerbee, son of Mike Summerbee, makes his debut for Tranmere Rovers in the Football Championship League One, whilst on loan from Swindon Town.. The game was a 3-1 away defeat against Southend United, though when he left the pitch in the 77th minute they trailed just 2-1.

This is only Nicky's second game of the season, his last being his debut at Swindon Town. It is Nicky's 8th different League club..

14 September

Mullery at Crawley

Alan Mullery has taken on a role as consultant advisor to Crawley Town of the Nationwide National Conference League. Sport - Crawley Today News reports:

CRAWLEY Town have hired the services of England legend and former Brighton & Hove Albion manager Alan Mullery MBE to guide them through their poor start to the season. General manager Paul Hobbs emphasised Mullery's presence is to help the club at all levels, and is NOT a threat to manager Francis Vines' job.

Mullery began as a consultant on Monday and will attend training, matches and will carry out scouting duties. Hobbs said: "Our start to the season has not been the best and we are lying second from bottom in the table.

"We decided to nip the situation in the bud and act straight away to put the campaign back on course.
"We turned full-time on August 16, on the opening day of the season and although this is a good long-term move, it has caused short-term disruption as it did not give much time for players to gel.
"It has been disruptive to the backroom staff as well, as everyone's effectively started a new job."
"But things are already improving - the players are looking fitter and on Saturday we had our first win, which lifted us off the bottom."

Hobbs explained the club became aware of Mullery's availability and approached him to join them in an advisory role.
The man who was recently voted by fans as Brighton's best manager in the last 100 years still lives in West Sussex.
And he will be able to combine his new duties at Crawley with his work as a pundit on Sky TV. Hobbs said: "We are delighted to have Alan on board. He brings a wealth of talent and experience to the club.
"His role will be to develop and improve the club. He'll be looking at all aspects of the football club."

Although Mullery's appointment is permanent, Vines can rest assured in his position.
Hobbs said: "Alan is not taking anyone's job. He is not a replacement to Francis Vines but is a consultant brought in to alter the direction we are going in and help bring the club up to a higher level."
Mullery has an enviable record, having played for Tottenham, with whom he won the FA Cup in 1967.
He also played in the FA Cup final alongside Bobby Moore at Fulham and having scored what was voted BBC's goal of the season. As Tottenham captain he lifted the UEFA Cup and played for England 35 times between 1964-71.

In 1976, he retired from playing and became a successful manager of Brighton, leading them to two promotions and keeping them in the top flight of football. He also managed Crystal Palace, QPR, Charlton Athletic and Barnet and returned for a second spell in charge at Brighton.

12 September


Archie Gemmill (Preston North End) releases his autobiography. Archie Gemmill: Both Sides of the Border. Go to Amazon. See Books.

Next Generation News

For anyone interested in this sort of thing, Tescos are currently running a tv and magazine advertising campaign in which you can win Frank Lampard, son of Frank Lampard, for an afternoon! The idea is that he'll offer a training session to a school or club of your choosing.

See Tesco Sport for Schools and Clubs, which reports...

You said it's important to be fit and healthy.

So we've kicked-off the school term with a voucher scheme to get children more into sport.

It's simple to take part. Just collect vouchers - you'll get one for every £10 you spend - and pass them onto your local school or sports club. They can then exchange them for sports equipment or professional coaching sessions.

To get children excited about sport, we've also teamed up with Paula Radcliffe, Jason Robinson and Frank Lampard. What's more, any school or club that places an order with us could win a training session with one of these sporting role models!

But children don't need to captain their country or take part in the Olympics to enjoy sport. The goal of Tesco Sport for Schools and Clubs is simply to get children to have a go. And that's why, amongst other things, we've crammed this website with fun ideas to get children away from the TV and games console and out there exercising.

Vouchers for the scheme are available until 6 November 2005.

Meanwhile whilst updating the Next Generation page, I stumbled upon Neil Cartwight, son of Les Cartwright (Coventry City) playing at Hinckley United. It is the first time both players have been added to the site.

10 September

Next Generation

Michael Owen, son of Terry Owen (Bradford City), makes his debut for Newcastle United in the FA Premiership playing at home against Fulham. Michael played the whole 90 minutes and it finished 1-1.

8 September

Noel Cantwell (Coventry City manager) dies, see obituary.

7 September

Next Generation News

They may not want to admit it to their grandchildren in the future, but both Frank Lampard, son of Frank Lampard, and Michael Owen, son of Terry Owen (Bradford City), played for England in their shock 1-0 defeat to Northern Ireland in a World Cup qualifier at Belfast's Windsor Park

Both players started the match and were still there when the goal went in, so they cannot duck responsibility that way, either. Frank came off in the 80th minute, but Michael stayed on to the bitter end. This was Frank's 35th cap, and Michael's 72nd. Frank has scored 8 goals and Michael 32.

England should still qualify, however. They are in second place 5 points behind Poland in the European Group 6 and cannot be caught by any of the lower clubs. They will need good results against Poland and 3rd place Austria, to ensure automatic qualifiers as runners-up with the best qualification record. Both games are at home in Manchester's Old Trafford.

Tobias Linderoth, son of Anders Linderoth (Helsingborgs IF), plays in Sweden's World Cup qualifier at away to Bulgaria. Sweden dramatically win 1-0, with a goal in injury time. This is Tobias's 52nd cap for Sweden, he has scored once. Sweden now head Group 8 one point ahead of Croatia, whom they play in the next World Cup qualifying match.

3 September

Next Generation News

Frank Lampard, son of Frank Lampard, plays in England's World Cup qualifier against Wales away at the 'Stadiwm Y Mileniwm' in Cardiff. England unconvincingly win the match 1-0.Frank played the complete match for his 34th cap, he has scored 8 times. Michael Owen, son of Terry Owen (Bradford City), sat this game out due to suspension.

Steffen Iversen, son of Odd Iversen (Racing Mechelen) plays for Norway in a World Cup qualifier away to Slovenia in the Arena Petrol, Celje. Although he leaves the game with the score at 1-1, Steffen plays just the first 11 minutes before he is injured. Norway win the match 3-2. It is his 55th cap for Norway, he has scored 12 times for his country in total.

N.B. Steffen's injury means he misses the next World Cup qualifier 4 days later, a 2-1 home defeat against Scotland on 7 September, 2005. With just 2 games to go Norway are still second place in the European Group 5, with a 2 goal-difference advantage over Slovenia. Italy are top with a 5 points advantage, and Scotland are in 4th place two points behind Norway and Slovenia.

Tobias Linderoth, son of Anders Linderoth (Helsingborgs IF), plays in Sweden's World Cup qualifier at home in Stockholm against Bulgaria. Sweden win 3-0. This is Tobias's 51st cap for Sweden, he has scored once..

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