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Bob and 1970-71 Footballers is moving!

Due to the intransigence of dial.pipex it has become necessary to move the site for the first time in its 8 year history.

Bare with me whilst the move is being made, I'm trying to do it as quick as I can, but I am allowing myself 6 months to complete the process.

Consequently there are going to be NO MORE UPDATES on this original site. And in the month of the site's 9th birthday it will cease to exist at all

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New magazine available this month


This month's first edition of Back Pass a new football history magazine has a feature on the 1970-71 season!

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Bob's 70-71 Diary

Poll 1

Part 2 of the Great manager's vote can be found by clicking to:

Vote for your favourite manager of the 1971-75 period

See Part one result at

Part 2 Who was the greatest manager 1971-75 ?

Bertie Mee - Arsenal

Brian Clough - Derby County, (etc), Nottm For

Don Revie - Leeds United, England

Bill Shankly - Liverpool

Dave Mackay - Swindon, Nottm For, Derby County

Bill McGarry - Wolves

Dave Sexton Chelsea, QPR

Ron Saunders - Norwich, Man City, Aston Villa

Joe Harvey - Newcastle United

Bill Nicholson - Spurs

Bob Stokoe - Sunderland

Ron Greenwood - West Ham United

Free polls from

Poll 2

Norman Giller has been in touch with his latest book. Over to you Norman:-

It is called Footballing Fifties, and is an in-depth look at what I call 'the decade when the Beautiful Game was in black and white. I spotlight just about everything that happened in a two-faced era when players were treated like soccer slaves, yet provided some of the most exciting and adventurous football ever witnessed.

I give you Matthews and Finney, Lofthouse and Milburn, Shackleton and Mannion, Billy Wright and the great John Charles (he would be worth more today than the entire Leeds team put together!)

The final chapter is a poll on the decade I am inviting people to vote on their favourites players of the decade and there is a full breakdown of all the leading contenders at

Anybody taking part in the poll will be offered the book (due for publication in the Autumn) at a discount price.

Jimmy Greaves is providing the introduction, and a 1950s 'fantasy' team - in the good old 2-3-5 formation should be sent to \par

I will do my best to send a personal reply to anybody who takes the trouble to vote.

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Bob's 70-71 Blog

Lennart Kristiansson's excellent site of 1970-71 autographs (and more) at ...

English Football League 70-71 Autographs

Nigel Mercer logo
Nigel Mercer's Galleries of English Football Cards 1965-75
is a fabulous index of 70s football cards, and
includes an a gallery with every picture from
the 1970-71 World of Soccer Stars Album

Find out every 1970-71 season players details (and more) at: logo  

Jelle Vanhijfte's fantastic site features the Dutch equivalent of the
Wonderful World of Soccer Stars,

Dutch 1970-71

Waar zijn ze gebleven ?

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70s Football fan, Francesco Parigi, has a site of his articles (in Italian) at

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6 October 2007

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